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Hi hi! since I've officially started uni, I'll be on a semi-hiatus from this blog. Won't be posting much book pics too because all my books are back home, but I'll try to keep everything else updated. Will also set up a queue. If anything at all, just drop me a quick message. Also, if there's anything wrong with my theme setting, please let me know!

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"Heroes Of Olympus" italian cover, by Daniele Gaspari

That’s are beautiful. 

The house of Hades has yet to come out in Italy (the cover was released, like, yesterday morning) … but my favorite - which is also the background of my desktop- is the cover of “The Mark of Athena” * ω * love the contrast of colors.

Especially like that never seeing their faces. ▽ 

[Visit his site (click on the name) for see other his artwork!]

Seven half-bloods shall answer the call…

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Our first books from Barnes and Noble. ♥

  •  Tell me the answer to your selected question(s) and then I'll answer with mine.
  •  1. Which five fictional characters would you want with you to fight in a zombie attack, alien attack or just to save the world?
  •  2. What did you want to be when you were little?
  •  3. Tea or Coffee?
  •  4. Obsessions that most people don't know about?
  •  5. Small fandom you're in?
  •  6. Top five places in the world you want to go?
  •  7. Historical figure (legend or not) you'd want to meet?
  •  8. Autumn, Winter, Spring or Fall?
  •  9. What super power do you dream of having?
  •  10. Childhood hero?
  •  11. Your hero today?
  •  12. Role model you look up to that you know personally?
  •  13. Role model you look up to that you don't know personally?
  •  14. Chocolate or vanilla?
  •  15. Favorite Disney character(s)?
  •  16. Fictional world you wish you could go to?
  •  17. Favorite food type?
  •  19. If you could spend the day with any five fictional characters who would it be?
  •  20. If you could shadow any celebrity/public figure for a week who would it be and why?


Book haul, eek! So excited for new books! (But where on earth am I going to put them, oops).
#criesbecauseicanthavetheprettywhitedustjacketmaggiedesigned #butWOWisvolume4pretty

I’m currently watching Outlander and just finished episode 7 and I’m losing my shits

duckduckbooks replied to your post: Who here is on their sem/term break an…

me but I still work four days a week so it’s hard to find time to read still :(

don’t despair! you’ll find time to read. we will always find time to read eventually :)


Wonder was so fantastic. It’s the type of book that’s so perfectly simple but brilliantly deep at the same time (if that makes sense). It’s definitely on its way to becoming an all time favourite!

Who here is on their sem/term break and is planning to drown themselves in books 🙋🙋

This graphic was animated for me by the talented full-minata!


Is it bizarre that age limitations are not the same for books? 
Like fuck me bro, I bought and read It by Stephen King when I was 10 and the man selling me it didn’t even bat an eyelid.
“Here tiny human, give me the money and I’ll sell you this book full of nightmares and murderous clowns”


The king has spoken and we must listen





The latest video is up over at cathandmelread! In today’s video, Cath and I play ‘Guess The Book’ in what is (hopefully!) the first of many videos together!

Oh my gosh this was so fun! The ending gets me every time!

I think I’m in love with cath? seriously. 

Hahahah I’m all awkward though Gaby! :P

Tis the life

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This is what 5’11” in books looks like!